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About Course

How do you get your books into bookstores and libraries? If your books are only on Amazon you’re missing out. You could also have unknowingly signed an exclusive contract with Amazon which hurts sales elsewhere. Despite online sales, bookstores are still making billions and there are millions of people who still enjoy buying a book from a bookstore or checking one out from the library. There’s money to be made from placing your book in front of people’s face. It gives you exposure to an audience that may not find you otherwise. But how do you get your book there? Do you have to be published by a major publishing company or be a bestseller? The answer is no! This course will teach you how to set your book titles up for success and become your very own publisher easily and with little to no starting costs.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Setup for success
  • Sell books in bookstores worldwide
  • Learn industry standards
  • Prevent common publishing mistakes
  • Sell more books

Course Content