“I’m a creative and nothing gives me more joy than helping others manifest something beautiful”

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My two passions that I can never shake are writing and acting. Years ago I began my career as an actress and worked both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Over the years I gained experience in many areas now I can save you time and energy by sharing everything.

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Whether you are ready to publish your masterpiece, ready to get started writing the next best seller, or learn how to manifest the life of your dreams! I’m willing to work with anyone who is ready to change their lives for the better permanently. Let’s see how I can help.


I’ve moved all of my courses to The Archer Academy a platform built not just for myself but others who would like to help others success by sharing their life experiences, skills, tips and talents that helped them succeed in areas others struggle. You can view my courses here or sign up to be an instructor FOR FREE!

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Are you thinking of publishing on Amazon? Wondering how this will affect your chances of selling in retail stores? Disappointed with your Amazon sales and profit? Setup your book publishing for success the WRITE way.